Stanley the Donkey, a fine art animal photograph

the donkey that wasn’t an ass at all


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Last week I got to photograph a donkey in the studio. Since I’ve often photographed horses on location in studio settings, I was thrilled at having a small horse in my studio without the confines of a barn like location.

I just completed a video shoot for Bidawee, a pet services company back east – more on that in the next post. For the Bidawee gig, we brought in animal trainers from Los Angeles and since they were town, we worked out a out deal for me to photograph the ass after the shoot.

All puns aside, Stanley wasn’t an ass at all. In fact he was polite and adoring – a model burro, if you will.. Stanley had that ‘just walked out of a fairy tale’ look about him. )

While the shoot was intended for my comercial portfolio, I’ve already sold two large prints of Stanley as fine art. One of those is going to Bar Bambino, a cafe restaurant in the mission, where they’ll feature the 5′ print in the front dining area – sweet!  It’s exciting to see my comercial and fine art work blending so nicely and makes me wonder if the donkey image is the beginning of new series.

© peter samuels
© peter samuels
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