Portraits of Pez, a fine art photography still life series.

Portraits of Pez, a personal photography still life series.

There’s more to the series, but I’m holding off until I have a home for them, stay tuned. ) Update: Visit my new artwork purchase prints site, psarteditions.com, where you browse the horse / equine and other animal pictures for sale with framing options too.

Portraits of Pez, a fine art photography still life series.
© Peter Samuels


Portraits of Pez, a fine art photography still life series.
© Peter Samuels
Portraits of Pez, a fine art photography still life series.
© Peter Samuels

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botanical, meet mechanical – may the stamin not be jaded

I did some work with an Los Angeles based agency a while called Boom Bang. They asked me to do some images of flowers and vibrators for a Trogan pitch they were working on. I recently went through the files looking to build a new image for that incorporated my still life and flora work, I think the composited result is successful and it’ll likely make the portfolio edit too.

Lucky Kitty

lucky happy vibrant kitty

This image came about both to fill a need in the portfolio as well as a recent art show at project one in San Francisco. The original image was photographed against white and while liked the image a lot, it needed something extra to pull it together. Without the art show request or the portfolio need, I might not have kept pushing to find a solution that worked. You know an image works when you just have to print it out and have it sit by you just because you love to look at it.

There’s something very loving about the Good Fortune Kitty or Maneki Neko. She is a money blessing after all and the bright yellow/gold seems to invoke a positive emotional reaction which I find intriguing. Perhaps there’s a series in this for me if I can find more ‘happy vibe’ statuettes, not an easy task since many are somewhat odd or almost creepy looking.

Peter Samuels art exhibit at Project One SF

Art Show: Cultivar

I’m pleased to announce that I’m headlining an art show of my new floral work on Wednesday September 22nd from 7pm until midnight. The show is at Project One, an art gallery wine bar with a dj lounge (that means dancing too). Project One is a newer space in Potrero off of 16th in the design district, it’s spacious and clean with ample parking in the area too.

The show is named Cultivar which simply means the combining of flowers based on color and shape. I found the word through wikipedia after starting with the botanical. For me the name is perfect since it’s an actual term and relates to what I’m doing while it gives me room to interpret the meaning through artistic means – sweet! In the show I’ll have a mix of singular flora images at 40×40″ and a collection of smaller iconic photo collages similar to the invite image. Also in the show will be a HUGE vertical garden and large indoor water sculpture too!  I’m very excited about the new work and hope to see you there!

an exhibition featuring images by peter samuels at project one gallery.
etymology: cultivated / variety
This exhibition aspires to achieve a Cultivar through organically inspired
art works of varietal media.
project one www.p1sf.com
251 rhode island st. in potrero
project one is an art gallery / wine bar / club space in potrero’s design gulch off of 16th st.
reception: september 22 2010 7pm
exhibit: september 22 – october 16 2010
peter samuels :: photography
karl s reichley :: vertical garden
michael l maes :: fountain installation
dean stubbings :: madera furniture
curated by brooke waterhouse
Here is a sneak peek at some of the flora images. They’re dahlias and we’re in peak season right now though getting ‘show quality’ flowers was a trick to pull off!
Dahlia Fine Art photograph by Peter Samuels
©Peter Samuels
©Peter Samuels
©Peter Samuels
©Peter Samuels
©Peter Samuels