PS Art Editions, Framed fine art horse photography print sales

introducing the photograph art print shop!

Announcing PS Art Editions, an online storefront for framed fine art horse photography print sales and other animals too.

If you’ve been a fan of my work, but shy about hitting the ‘inquire’ button on my commercial site, now you can browse the framed fine art horse photography for sale as well as the Fairy Tale Animal imagery too. One (of the many) hurdles for having a storefront has been to offer framing, and shipping, that’s both affordable and up to my quality standards, and now we’ve got that – sweet! Plus, the there’s a choice of two elegant mounting options, flush mounted or float. However, figuring out how to describe the two presentations was another challenge and after much ado, the diagram below is what I arrived at and I think it does a fine job of explaining the difference.

It’s exciting to finally launch a storefront so please do check out,, and while you’re there, sign the mailing list for the occasional (once a month at most) info updates and specials, I’ll be forever grateful to have you as a fan, and absolutely promise your info will never be shared.

Framed fine art horse photography for sale, framing and mounting options.

Neo the Trakehner horse in a gracious bowing pose. Best of Show, Horse equine Photograph

Dog leads to horses

It’s great how life creates new passion directions.

Since getting a dog 2 years ago, I’ve found myself taking pictures of other dogs as well as mine, many of which have have worked their way into my portfolio – with a few dog related jobs along the way : )

Update: Visit my new artwork purchase prints site,, where you browse the horse / equine and other animal pictures for sale with framing options too.

Now horses are entering the sphere of influence. Learning to photograph such majestic creatures has certainly upped the anti in the skill level department. This has been a fun and exciting time. Shown below are some early edits, I’m not so into the mottled backdrop so I’ll be tweaking those a bit to find the sweet spot.