Tech industry team portraits for entertainment start up Fan.TV by Commercial Photographer, Peter Samuels. – untangling your viewing experience

The San Mateo start-up, Fanhattan, is involved in a great trend in the tech start up arena right now – consolidating movie and TV content. If you’ve ever wanted to know if a movie was available for streaming, as a disc, or still in the theaters, Fanhattan’s got you covered.  It’s a one click source for knowing if the content you want is available and for how much. It lists different sources, not just itunes, but amazon and vudu – price shopping! Of course, you can rent or buy right from the site, so it really does consolidate all those shows from so many different providers in one nice looking UX environment. I recommend signing up for the free beta at and giving a whirl. See more the portraits here.

Tech industry team portraits for entertainment start up Fan.TV
The Fanhattan team. ©Peter Samuels
Stanley the Donkey, a fine art animal photograph

the donkey that wasn’t an ass at all


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Last week I got to photograph a donkey in the studio. Since I’ve often photographed horses on location in studio settings, I was thrilled at having a small horse in my studio without the confines of a barn like location.

I just completed a video shoot for Bidawee, a pet services company back east – more on that in the next post. For the Bidawee gig, we brought in animal trainers from Los Angeles and since they were town, we worked out a out deal for me to photograph the ass after the shoot.

All puns aside, Stanley wasn’t an ass at all. In fact he was polite and adoring – a model burro, if you will.. Stanley had that ‘just walked out of a fairy tale’ look about him. )

While the shoot was intended for my comercial portfolio, I’ve already sold two large prints of Stanley as fine art. One of those is going to Bar Bambino, a cafe restaurant in the mission, where they’ll feature the 5′ print in the front dining area – sweet!  It’s exciting to see my comercial and fine art work blending so nicely and makes me wonder if the donkey image is the beginning of new series.

© peter samuels
© peter samuels
Afghan Hound Duke posing proudly by commercial animal photographer, Peter Samuels.

Meet Duke, the stellar and beautiful Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Duke posing proudly by commercial animal photographer, Peter Samuels.
©Peter Samuels

I always enjoy testing with new subjects that catch my eye and when I saw Duke, the afghan hound, in my neighborhood, it was a classic scenario of  ‘excuse me sir, but I must photograph your dog. I think I even used a British accent due to a wave of properness that came over me..

Lucky Kitty

lucky happy vibrant kitty

This image came about both to fill a need in the portfolio as well as a recent art show at project one in San Francisco. The original image was photographed against white and while liked the image a lot, it needed something extra to pull it together. Without the art show request or the portfolio need, I might not have kept pushing to find a solution that worked. You know an image works when you just have to print it out and have it sit by you just because you love to look at it.

There’s something very loving about the Good Fortune Kitty or Maneki Neko. She is a money blessing after all and the bright yellow/gold seems to invoke a positive emotional reaction which I find intriguing. Perhaps there’s a series in this for me if I can find more ‘happy vibe’ statuettes, not an easy task since many are somewhat odd or almost creepy looking.

Equine Fine Art Photograph of Bugs the Horse For Coup Detat.

Not just for hay.

I was recently asked to photograph a horse inside a showroom, the client, Coup d’tat, is an interior design showroom that features an visual ethic that I like to  call ‘steampunk meets industrial design chic’. However, while the white bookshelf in the image is more Kubrik than Steampunk, I feel the the over look of the showroom is still fitting of my description.

Update: Visit my new artwork purchase prints site,, where you browse the horse / equine and other animal pictures for sale with framing options too.

The shoot was for an ad featured in California Home and Design and Chrysta Giffen of CG retouching did an outstanding job combing three variations into one final image. Great work Chrysta!

If the term Steampunk doesn’t ring a bell, one of favorite all time movies, ‘City of Lost Children’, is a good example as are the visuals described by the 18th century science fiction author, Jules Verne. My client wanted to feature the white bookshelf unit, one of a pair, that were custom built in the 80’s for the Macy family. The one of kind pair of bookshelves have a $300,000 price tag and it was obvious that Bugs, the horse, sincerely appreciated his fancy feeder..

And a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot as well can be seen here.


Studio photo shoot for Bideawee pet services with Pulicis & Hall Riney SF by Peter Samuels.

From the studio: Bidaewee pet hospital shoot

The Bideawee pet services shoot was great fun. With 25 models in 2 days between people, dogs and cats, the studio was a zoo! Not to mention simultaneous video during the stills – wow, did we just do that?  Special thanks goes to Carmel Cottingham for pulling off the production without a hitch!

I’ll be sure post some of the final ads in the near future too.





© peter samuels
© peter samuels

The image below shows me discussing the images with my dog, Leica. The dog often provides creative input that I find annoying.


Product photography for Square

On set for Square

Square – the little device that let’s you accept credit cards via iPhone by the founder of twitter. The people at Square contacted me to illustrate a limited edition version of the product featuring the double Happiness hexagram. This what I came up with for them and I had a great time producing this.

I also found a great interview of the Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey by Digg founder Kevin Rose. The interview is an interesting peek into the process and timing of an idea.