Equestrio magazine feature on the Arabian Saluki

Equestrio feature on the Arabian Saluki ‘sons of the desert’

Equestrio, a beautifully printed publication based out of Dubai, asked me to locate and photograph Arabian Saluki dogs in America. Not an easy task since very few are in the bay area at all. Happily, I managed find just about all of them and bonus points go to Tesse, the Saluki who had […]

Equine Fine Art Photograph of Bugs the Horse For Coup Detat.

Not just for hay.

I was recently asked to photograph a horse inside a showroom, the client, Coup d’tat, is an interior design showroom that features an visual ethic that I like to  call ‘steampunk meets industrial design chic’. However, while the white bookshelf in the image is more Kubrik than Steampunk, I feel […]

Studio photo shoot for Bideawee pet services with Pulicis & Hall Riney SF by Peter Samuels.

From the studio: Bidaewee pet hospital shoot

The Bideawee pet services shoot was great fun. With 25 models in 2 days between people, dogs and cats, the studio was a zoo! Not to mention simultaneous video during the stills – wow, did we just do that?  Special thanks goes to Carmel Cottingham for pulling off the production without […]

On Location

It’s been a busy month and I’m excited to share new work, though I can’t always publish before a clients had time publish themselves. So in this case I’m sharing a quick image of my location kit – neat and tidy this is the stealth version of the to-go kit.

Neo the Trakehner horse in a gracious bowing pose.

Best of Show for the APA/SF

I’m very pleased to have an image chosen as best of show in the upcoming APA/SF holiday exhibit and party! This image is of Neo, the Trakehner, in a gracious bowing pose and a good to know side note is that white horses are actually referred to as Grey. The […]