Fine Art Horse Equine Photography featuring Lusitano Stallion Portraits.

new equine fine art horse equine photography featuring Lusitano Stallion portraits

Awesome new fine art equine photography of some amazing Lusitano Stallion horses. I photographed these fine looking horses as fine art and for my commercial work as well. Photoshoots like these are a tremendous amount of work, but the results make the effort worth while.  There’s more in the series on my commercial site that you can see here.

Update: Visit my new artwork purchase prints site,, where can you browse my horse / equine and other animal pictures for sale with framing options too.


Cartola the Lusitano Stallion horse looking sexy for the camera photographed for my fine art and commercial work.
©Peter Samuels
Zap Du Voga the Lusitano Stallion horse photographed for fine art and commercial work.
©Peter Samuels
More images available on my portfolio site.