My Dog, Leica, who courageously started me on the animal photography path.

farewell to my best friend and inspirational muse

Last month I made the difficult decision to put my loving dog and inspiring muse down for the big sleep. Earlier this year, Leica, the dachshund /min pin mix had surgery for two herniated discs – that’s when the cushions between the vertebrae turn sandy and mineralize. The surgery was a a financial and emotional behemoth with a 3-4 month recovery time. She seemed to be doing alright, however, just nine months after the first surgery, a new disc had herniated and we found ourselves back at square one. Disc issues are common in dachshunds, it’s a genetic thing, and though my girl was only half doxie, it was apparently enough for her. As one surgeon told me, it’s almost as if their spines were designed to go bad.. The decision to let her go was as heartbreaking as much as I knew it was right thing to do.

Leica was not only a great dog, she inspired a new dimension of work for me. Leica was my first dog and I wasn’t photographing animals before she entered the picture. She was my muse and she did her job very very well. She will be missed and I celebrate the time shared with her.

More images available on my portfolio site.