Equestrio magazine feature on the Arabian Saluki

Equestrio feature on the Arabian Saluki ‘sons of the desert’

Equestrio, a beautifully printed publication based out of Dubai, asked me to locate and photograph Arabian Saluki dogs in America. Not an easy task since very few are in the bay area at all. Happily, I managed find just about all of them and bonus points go to Tesse, the Saluki who had a resent litter of pups – score!

Salukis are desert hunting hounds steeped in Arabian history, the Egyptians called them the Royal Dogs of Egypt, and are considered to be one of the oldest known dog breeds. Swift, smart and beautiful, these ‘sons of the desert’ were bred to chase and catch prey in the harsh desert climate. Here’s a video showing they’re astonishing hunting speed and you can see the rest of the work here.


More images available on my portfolio site.