Communication arts photography annual accepts my fine art photography fairy tale animal series including the donkey, barn owl, raven and rooster.

Communication Arts Photography Annual

I’m thrilled to announce one of the graphic industry’s most prestigious awards, Communication Arts has selected a series of five (5!) of my Fairy Tale Animals for the coveted CA Photography Annual. Included are; Jack the Belgian Hare, Stanley the Donkey, Joffrey the Rooster, Garbo the Barn Owl and Poe […]

Billboards for healthcare start up Collective Health. Photography by Peter Samuels, San Francisco Ca. An exciting batch of new people advertising photography for my portfolio.

Branding campaign for Collective Health

Very pleased to see my work on billboards along the 101 freeway near SFO for healthcare start up Collective Health. A super fun shoot with a great team and an outstanding client that resulted in an exciting new collection of people photography that I’m proud to share. See more on my site by clicking here.    

Tech industry team portraits for entertainment start up Fan.TV by Commercial Photographer, Peter Samuels. – untangling your viewing experience

The San Mateo start-up, Fanhattan, is involved in a great trend in the tech start up arena right now – consolidating movie and TV content. If you’ve ever wanted to know if a movie was available for streaming, as a disc, or still in the theaters, Fanhattan’s got you covered. […]